Frequently Asked Questions by Homeowners (FAQs)
Below are the most frequently asked questions of homeowners seeking vacation home management services from Windsor Palms Villas. A clear understanding of what WPV offers helps ensure your goals as a homeowner are in-line with what our company can deliver. We hope these answers will help guide you in your decision to choose the right Vacation Rental Manager for your vacation home, and deliver greater occupancy and higher income for your property. To enquire about listing your home with Windsor Palms Villas, call (407) 809-5661 or submit your home's details using our property listing application form on our website.
Homeowner FAQs – Windsor Palms Villas

1. How many properties in the same area will you manage?

Windsor Palms Villas (WPV) is committed to providing the best service for all our homeowners. As a result, we do not want to overburden our team with too many homes to manage.  We do not have a set number of properties that we’ll manage in the Windsor Palms resort but will not bring on more properties at the sacrifice of service or reservations of other properties in the community. Offering multiple homes in one geographical area is an advantage because when one home is not available, other homes are and they receive the overflow reservations. It also allows larger groups such as multiple families or family reunion trips to be booked into multiple homes close together for easy access.

2. How much staff do you have to manage all your properties?

WPV values all our owners and guests and has structured our company to ensure that needs are taken care of. We have 4 in house office staff as well as multiple housekeepers and a team of contractors that we work closely with on a day to day basis. This allows us to properly take care of your property and offer the best service to owners and guests alike.

3. How do you support guests and owners during their stays?

Our office is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday-Friday to serve the needs of our owners and guests. After hours, as well as on weekends and holidays, we have an after-hours emergency line that routes to the cell phone of staff members who are scheduled to be on call, to respond to guest and owner emergencies. The on call service rotates between staff and as such all staff members are equipped with the knowledge of how to deal with different scenarios that might arise. We also have maintenance contractors that we work with during normal business hours as well as after hours for emergencies.
Our staff are also very familiar with the Windsor Palms resort as well as the surrounding area and theme parks and can make recommendations and provide local information if needed.
4. How do you find your guests?

Most of our marketing is done online through our own website and via a network of travel partners reaching a worldwide market. We also work with various online booking sites who share the listings across other sites which helps to maximize occupancy.  

5. Can I advertise my property on my own while my home is listed with WPV?

Yes absolutely. It is our experience that those owners who market their own homes are among the most successful. When you choose to list your home with WPV, we understand that this is still your home and that you may wish to advertise and market it yourself.  We are happy to take on the marketing and reservation responsibility or to work with owners on a combined effort approach. The important thing is to maintain an updated online calendar if you choose to market the home yourself.

 6. What precautions are taken to ensure my property is not damaged?

Windsor Palms Villas appreciates that owning a vacation home involves a large investment and have policies and procedures to minimize damage:
We require at least a 3 night minimum on all reservations, unless we receive permission from home owners for a specific reservation, to minimize the risk of parties and events occurring in the property.

Our rental agreement, which we require every guest to sign before confirming a reservation, and to disclose all guests in their party, states that properties cannot be used for hosting weddings, parties or other large gatherings, and that smoking on the premises and pets are not allowed. We enforce this policy by evicting guests who host parties or other large functions, and charge guests for smoking inside the property or for bringing an unauthorized pet.
We take even further measures to guard against guest negligence. All reservations are subject to an Accidental Damage Waiver insurance which covers the homeowner against guest damages and they are also required to provide a copy of their ID and credit card to ensure the names match. We also require the guest to sign to agree to be charged for any intentional damage such as excessive cleaning / trash etc.
Occasionally there are guests who cause damage to the property. We offer our guests an accidental damage insurance, which covers accidental damage to the property. This insurance is added to each reservation and protects guest up to $1,500 in accidental damage that may occur during their stay. Payment of damage claims are timely and have proven to be a great help. 
We have made inspections a priority. Before a guest arrives and after the cleaning crew has finished cleaning, an “arrival inspection” is completed by our in-house inspectors. This allows us to ensure quality housekeeping, as well as making sure the home is ready for the guest, and to assess the condition of the home. Upon departure the cleaning crew will notify us immediately if anything is damaged. We endeavor to have the same housekeeper clean the same home as much as possible which allows them to get to know the home and its contents. By doing an arrival and departure inspection we can charge the guest for any damage beyond reasonable wear and tear. Whenever a property is vacant more than one week we do an inspection to ensure everything is in order.
Also as we are based in the Windsor Palms community our location allows us to visit homes and touch base with any guest that we feel might be a challenge.

7. What does it cost me to list my property with your company?

Depending on the type and size of home you own the price will vary. We do not charge owners to list their property for management with us and charge a very reasonable monthly fee to maintain the home which will include pool maintenance and pest control for homes and townhomes.
Other costs vary based on individual property needs and include:
  • Regular deep cleans
  • Regular supplies (e.g. filters, batteries)
  • Carpet cleanings
  • Ongoing required maintenance. 

Further details can be received by contacting us or completing the List My Property form on our website.

8. What am I responsible for providing in my property?

You are responsible for furnishing and providing necessary items to market the property as a vacation home. This includes providing linens, towels, bedding, kitchen dishes and cooking utensils, and other required items in the home. WPV will manage and maintain inventory supplied in the home and replace them as needed and deduct the cost from your monthly commission check.

 9. What is the cost for service calls?

WPV charges a fee for service calls requiring maintenance. Because we work with a dedicated team of professionals, most repairs can be made by our team, saving the owner money by avoiding paying full retail price. We typically try to agree any repair with the owner if we anticipate it being expensive or over $300. However if it is an emergency (i.e. AC down or broken pipe at 3:00 am) we will respond immediately to the problem.

10. How many booked nights can I expect each year?

The amount of nights you can expect is dependent on several factors including; economy, rates, sleeping capacity, frequency of owner use, quality of furnishings/fixtures, and amenities offered such as spa, games room., TVs in bedrooms, wifi, games consoles etc The more beds and unique amenities an owner equips the home with will boost total booked nights, and increase rental income. Summer months can be more occupied than winter months. As a general example the months or May and September are typically the slowest for rentals with March and July being the busiest as well as holiday seasons.  For a more accurate vacation rental financial analysis on your property, contact us on (407) 809-5661. One of our team will discuss your needs with you including how much time you wish to use the home yourself and be able to arrange to view the property and provide an estimate of expected rental income.

 11. Who stays with Windsor Palms Villas Vacation homes?

The majority of our guests in Windsor Palms are families and people who are coming to vacation and visit the theme parks. The resorts proximity to the theme parks is a major advantage and helps to maximize rentals.  Whilst most of our guests are families, we also work with convention attendees and business travelers. During the cooler months of the year from January – April we also have many snowbirds who visit and stay in the smaller homes and condos. These are typically retired couples who want to get away from the colder temperatures up North and in Canada. 

12. When do I get paid and how do you do the accounting?

You will be setup with an owner account that you can login to on our website. Here you can remotely access your statements, make reservations, and keep track of your statements and other financials.
Our system defaults to drop the reservation payments onto the owner’s statement in the departure month so if your guest departed in August you would see the balance of those funds once your August statement is published. We work with each owner and can mail checks to you, deposit into a specified account or leave the funds on the account as you like.

13. What makes Windsor Palms Villas different than other vacation home management companies?
  • We specialize in the area and have many guests who wish to return and also wok with several well established travel companies who place guests in the resort at good rates.
  • 24/7 coverage on maintenance emergencies, online reservations
  • Better innovative website  - responsive and mobile friendly with a secure booking engine
  • Better management software allows you online access from anywhere to your homes calendar or online statements.
  • Quality control home inspectors to ensure utmost quality and guest satisfaction
  • Dedicated office in the Windsor Palms resort
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • A member of the FVRMA (Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association)